Located in Huesca province, Jaca is the biggest city of the Aragonese Pyrenees, and also the most touristic one. In Summer Jaca is always full of activity and people who want to camp nearby, make excursions through the valleys and mountains, or simply rest. In winter, Jaca is one of the capital cities of the sky in The Pyrenees.   […]

Ainsa (or L’Aínsa) is an historic town located in the Aragonese Pyrenees (Huesca province). It is placed in the Sobrarbe district, at the joining of the Cinca and Ara rivers, and near to The Ordesa and Monte Perdido Natural Park. With almost 2300 inhabitants, nowadays Ainsa is a touristic village in where many people who enjoy being in nature can […]

Situated in the south of Aragón region, Teruel (35.000 inhabitants) is an ideal city to live and enjoy its interesting museums, unique architecture, traditional festivals, delicious gastronomy, among other things. Therefore, Teruel attracts visitors from all over the world in order to see its beautiful Mudéjar Towers of Santa Maria, San Pedro, Salvador and San Martín , which were declared […]

In summer 2008, Saragossa received the international exposition Expo Zaragoza 2008, which was placed aside the shore of the Ebro River, in Pablo Ruiz Picasso Avenue. The buildings, squares and structures were situated from the city center, behind the Pilar Basilic to Delicias Intermodal Station, the main train and bus station of the city. The topic of the exposition was […]

The Main Park of Zaragoza (popularly known as Parque Grande) is the most famous park of Zaragoza and one of the biggest ones of the city. It is placed at the beginning of Fernando el Católico Avenue, near the Romareda Football Stadium, and the university campus. The park was built between 1913 and 1927, and it was inaugurated in 1929, […]

Teruel is a small aragonese city of 36.000 inhabitants. It is between Zaragoza (173 km.) and Valencia (173 km.). The Torico Square of Teruel (Plaza Carlos Castel, popularly known as “Plaza del Torico”), is the most important meeting point of the citizens in Teruel, and it is so called because of its history and customs. In fact, the King Alfonso […]

A must for all tourists that arrive in Saragossa is to visit the Aljaferia Palace, which is really the most visited historic site in Saragossa / Zaragoza. This medieval Islamic palace was built by Muslims on the banks of the river Ebro in the 11th century. Abu Ya far Ahmad, known as Al-Muqtadir, king of Saraqusta ordered its construction and […]

There are a lot of wonderful, beautiful and interesting places in Saragossa where people can sightseeing, however, there is a special and unforgettable place that tourists are not used to visiting, it is the ancient Torrero Cemetery which was built between 1832 and 1834. If you visit this cemetery you can find stunning graves with stone statues which were made […]

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