Castile and Leon / Castilla y León

The city of León (which means Lion) is situated in the north-west of Spain, in Castile and Leon region, in a strategic place between the Bernesga and the Torío rivers which flow through the city just before its confluence. Being one city about 140,000 inhabitants, Leon city has a lot to offer in cultural attractions, architecture, and entertainments, such as […]

With around 140,000 inhabitants, León city (Castile and Leon region) has a lot to offer its visitors, such as its Cathedral the most remarkable building of Leon, The Roman Walls, Basilica of San Isidoro, San Marcos monastery, the Old Town, and many more.   Leon Cathedral: Saint Mary Cathedral (Catedral de Santa María) Saint Mary Cathedral, called the Pulchra Leonina, […]

The Main Square (Plaza Mayor) of Salamanca is the hearth of the city. This square is located in the Old Town of Salamanca and it’s surrounded by the most important buildings of the town, as The University faculties, The Shells House (Casa de las Conchas) or The Cathedral. Salamanca is one of the best maintained traditional cities of Spain. The […]

Burgos city has 180,000 inhabitants and is situated in the north of Spain. The Saint Mary Cathedral in Burgos, (Catedral de Santa María de Burgos), popularly known as The Burgos Cathedral is the most remarkable building in Burgos and one of most beautiful Gothic Cathedral in Spain, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1984.   History of […]

  The Royal Palace of San Ildefonso (popularly known as La Granja de San Ildefonso) is a magnificent palace located in San Ildefonso, a small town of Segovia. This palace is famous for its wide gardens with fountains and statues, which are visited by many tourists both in summer and winter. San Ildefonso is 90km away from Madrid. To arrive […]

Salamanca is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain. It is placed in Castile and Leon region, in the central part of the Iberian Peninsula and currently its population is around 150.000 inhabitants. The origins of the city starts in the 3rd century before Christ, when Anibal conquered Salamanca,when it was still a town . Later, the city was […]

The Segovia Aqueduct is the most important roman architecture of Spain. It is placed in Segovia, a friendly city of 50.000 inhabitants located one hour away of Madrid by car or bus. When the aqueduct was built by the Roman Empire, in the first century A.D, its mission was to transport water from Fuente Fria river to the town. The […]

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