Ainsa: A millenary town in the center of the Pyrenees


Ainsa (or L’Aínsa) is an historic town located in the Aragonese Pyrenees (Huesca province). It is placed in the Sobrarbe district, at the joining of the Cinca and Ara rivers, and near to The Ordesa and Monte Perdido Natural Park.

With almost 2300 inhabitants, nowadays Ainsa is a touristic village in where many people who enjoy being in nature can visit its old centre and its castle, try the gastronomy of the Pyrenees towns and observe its astonishing landscape. Also, it’s very common to travel to The Pyrenees (Los Pirineos) to make excursions in Summer, play sports, climb mountains, camp or to ski in Winter.


The old town of Ainsa

street 3The old town of Ainsa is located uptown the village.

It is all stone made, with a lot of narrow streets and slopes. In this zone you will find the historic monuments of Ainsa (the church, the castle, the main square, many traditional houses…), some view points, restaurants and touristic shops with traditional food and gifts of Sobrarbe.



The view points

river ainsaAinsa surely has some of the most impressive balconies of the Pyrenees. From them can be seen Cinca River and Ara River, which joins just near the village.

Also can be seen the mountains and hills that surround the town, as the famous Peña Montañesa.


viewer pirinees


Santa Maria Church and the Main Square

ainsa churchSt. Mary Church (Iglesia de Santa Maria) is a Roman church built between the 11th and 12th centuries. From its tower, the people who ascend it can discover a view of the whole village.


church tower ainsaBeside the church is located the Main Square, where is the city hall, and from where can be seen the castle.



Ainsa’s castle

ainsa castleLocated in the historic centre of Ainsa, this castle is dated from the eleventh century.

Nowadays from its ruins (the entrance is for free), at the top of Ainsa, you can see the whole area: The town, the Cinca and Ara rivers and the astonishing mountains that surround Ainsa.  It also has an eco-museum (Eco Museo).


castle inside


Ordesa and Monte Perdido Natural Park (Valle de Ordesa)

excursion en los pirineosThis natural park is one of the preferred natural parks chosen by the Spaniards to make excursions and enjoy the nature. Its routes through the mountains offers a wide variety of experiences for all ages. Its highest mountain is Monte Perdido (3,350 metres).

In summer, many people camp in the Pyrenees for discovering its mountains, rivers and lakes, and for practicing sports in this environment.

Skiing in the Pyrenees

formigalIn winter, the Pyrenees ski stations are some of the most frequented places of Spain to ski (with Sierra Nevada at the south of the county).  The Pyrenees can be separated in five zones depending on what region are located: Aragon, Catalonia, Navarra, France and Andorra.

The main sky stations of the Aragonese Pyrenees are these ones: Panticosa, Formigal, Candanchú, Cerler, Astún, Javalambre and Valderinares.


More Places to visit near Ainsa

boltaña– Boltaña: This town is placed only 6 km away from Ainsa. It is also an ancient village with a traditional Old Town and a castle in the top of a hill from where can be seen a very beautiful landscape.

Jaca: This is the biggest city in the Aragonese Pyrenees. In Summer is always plenty of activity and people who want to camp, make excursions on the area or simply rest. In winter, Jaca is one of the capital cities of the ski sport.

Aragon Region: Check here all our post about what to visit in Aragon.

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