Cementerio de Torrero / The Old Torrero Cemetery (Zaragoza)

Torrero cementery

There are a lot of wonderful, beautiful and interesting places in Saragossa where people can sightseeing, however, there is a special and unforgettable place that tourists are not used to visiting, it is the ancient Torrero Cemetery which was built between 1832 and 1834. If you visit this cemetery you can find stunning graves with stone statues which were made by famous sculptors, such as  Ponciano Ponzano and Gascon, Enrique Clarasó and  Dauli, Dionisio Lausén Ferrer, Jose Bueno Gimeno, Carlos Palao Ortubia and others.

Nowadays, if tourists visit this spellbound place  in the morning or in the evening they can see the graves where famous and important citizens were buried devotedly, for instance: Joaquin Costa, Tenor Fleta, Pilar Bayona, José Camon Aznar, and others. Who would not like to listen  to Jose Oto singing a jota?  How about feeling the best voice of Aragon when Fleta sings a  song?  Sensitive people could imagine Pilar Bayona playing the piano during the mystery tour. Moreover if tourists are keen on visiting cemeteries,  they  can require a  guided tour  with candles and music  during the night on  Saturdays.

On the other hand, gossipy visitors might like to read the most unbelievable  epitaphs  written on many graves and know more about  these burial places. To sum up, visiting  this cemetery can  be other way to enjoy the holiday wandering and walking through its mysterious and quiet streets with an unique landscape of tall straight cypress trees. Besides, people can have a real  and full view of this friendly and lively city and the lifestyle  of its citizens.

One can go by bus 34 and C1,  the C4 get off before arriving at Venice Port.  It takes 30 minutes on foot if one likes to walk along  Sagasta and America Avenue.  Also, Hispanidad Avenue is another road to arrive at cemetery.

More places to visit in Zaragoza (Spain)

El Pilar (The Pilar Cathedral): This cathedral is placed in the centre of the city, near the Ebro river and in the same square than “La Seo” Cathedral. The current cathedral was built in the XVII century, based in earlier constructions.

The Expo 2008 Zone Currently, the Expo Zone is open to all the visitors who want to see the area and enjoy of its activities. Don’t miss it if you are visiting Zaragoza!

La Aljafería (The Aljafería Palace): A must for all tourists that arrive in Saragossa is to visit the stunning Aljaferia Palace, which is really the most visited historic site in Saragossa. This medieval islamic palace was built by muslims on the banks of the river Ebro in the 11th century.

Parque Grande: It has more than 15 fountains, a botanic garden, a view point, many terraces, paths and statues, a swimming pool and many more activities to do.

Paseo Independencia (Independence Avenue): The main street of Zaragoza. Beginning at the end of Gran Via, the avenue runs from Plaza Paraiso all the way to Plaza España.

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