The town of Sitges is situated on the Mediterranean Sea coast in the province of Barcelona (Catalonia) in the east of Spain just to 40 km away from Barcelona city. With a population of about 30.000 inhabitants, its exceptional warm climate during all the year round due to its favorable geographical location and its 4 km of beautiful sandy beaches […]

Castelldefels is located on the Mediterranean Sea coast in the province of Barcelona (Cataluña / Catalonia Region) in the east of Spain just to 18 km away from Barcelona city. With a population of about 65 000 inhabitants, Castelldefels is really a famous tourist destination in Spain for people who like enjoying its excellent cuisine, fast service and a quiet […]

Barcelona is considered as one of the most vanguard and touristic cities in Spain (more than Madrid). But… why? Firstly, its location in the Mediterranean coast provides to the city a warm weather and a lot of beaches in the city and its surroundings. Also, it has many remarkable monuments as The Güell Park, The Holy Family Church, The Gothic Neighborhood, […]

The Palau de la Música Catalana (The Catalonian Music Palace, or The Palace of Catalan Music), known as the Palau,  is a hall concert, located in Barcelona city. This building is one of the most visited places in Barcelona by people who want to enjoy its Modernism architecture or listen to the choir of the Orfeó Catalá (Catalonian Choral Society) or […]

Agbar Tower (Torre Agbar) is an omnipresent skyscraper located in Barcelona city. Although it was built recently, its colorful surface (above all at night), its unique shape and its visibility from many points of the city have favored its fame among citizens and visitors. The skyscraper was designed by Jean Nouvel architect and was inaugurated in 2005. Jean Nouvel said […]

Casa Mila (popularly known as La Pedrera) is a unique modernist building located at Paseo de Gracia (Passeig de Gràcia) number 92, Barcelona. The building was designed by architect Antoni Gaudí and built between 1906 and 1912. Then, in 1984, Casa Mila was declared a World Heritage (UNESCO).   The Mila Family When in the second part of the nineteenth […]

 La Barceloneta beach (Playa de la Barceloneta) is probably the most popular beach of Barcelona. It is placed in the city touristic centre, at 5 minutes on foot from La Rambla and Columbus Monument. Also, La Barceloneta is the name of the marine neighborhood which occupies the area around the beach. This historic neighborhood was designed and built in the […]

Columbus Monument (Monumento a Colón) is one of the most famous statues of Barcelona city. It was built in 1888 for a Universal Exposition and it represents a statue of Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon) above a pillar, pointing with his right hand to the sea (metaphorically, pointing to America, although actually the statue is pointing to Italy). Columbus statue is […]

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