Top cities and most popular destinations of Spain

starWhat to see in Spain?  If you are thinking of visiting Spain but you don’t know exactly what are the best places to see, this post is for you.

Here you will find some suggestions for discovering the greatest cities and destinations to visit in the country.


Top cities to visit in Spain

Click on each remarked city to see a full list with all its best touristic places:


Madrid city

The capital city of the country. Probably the best place for cultural trips, and also for entertainment time. Ideal both young and older people.

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madrid gran via

edificio cibeles

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Barcelona city

This is the second bigger city of the country, and one of the most beautiful ones. Ideal for travel in summer, with a wide offer of cultural activities and a lot of party for young people.

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guell park

Casa Mila


Andalusia Region

This region is placed in the south of Spain.  If you go there, you have to visit Seville, Granada, Cordoba, Cadiz and Malaga. Also it is interesting to visit Jaen, Almeria, Ceuta and Melilla, La Linea (the town located beside Gibraltar), Tarifa, Conil and many other towns and beaches around them.

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plaza españa sevilla

la alhambra



Toledo, Segovia and Cuenca cities

These are some touristic, historical cities placed in the center of Spain, most of them near Madrid.

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segovia aqueduct

army museum square



Salamanca city

A very interesting city to visit if you enjoy the cultural trips. Salamanca is popular for its ancient university and for its monuments.

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convento de san esteban dominicos

plaza mayor salamanca de noche


Valencia, Murcia and Catalonia regions

The east of the country. Ideal for summer holidays.

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turia garden

hemisferic valencia



The Basque Country

By visiting San Sebastián and Bilbao you will discover the best gastronomy of Spain, and one of the best regions to live.

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Guggenheim museum bilbao

guecho port

beach and grass


Asturias, Galicia and Cantabria

The north-west of Spain is the “greenest” region of the country. Ideal for excursions in the nature, resting in the beach in summer and taste its gastronomy. The more touristic cities of these regions are  Santiago de Compostela, Oviedo and Gijón.

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Santiago de Compostela


The Pyrenees

They are in the north of the country, in the border with France. In summer, many people camp in the Pyrenees for discovering its mountains, rivers and lakes, and for practicing sports in this environment. In winter, the Pyrenees ski stations are some of the most frequented places of Spain to ski (with Sierra Nevada at the south of the county).

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street 3

los pirineos


Pamplona city

This place is located in the north of the country and is universally known by its celebrations “San Fermines”. So if you visit Spain in the first week of July, don´t forget to visit Pamplona!

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san fermin pañuelos

encierro san fermin


Zaragoza city

Saragossa is a city placed between Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. It’s a nice city to visit for one weekend. Also, it has The Pyrenees in its north, the perfect place to organize excursions, do camping in the nature in summer and skiing in winter.

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el pilar zaragoza

expo 08 zone

parque grande zaragoza


The islands

Canarias and Baleares. Probably the best destinations if you are looking for a beautiful landscape and resting. However, if you want party you have to visit Ibiza, which is one of the most popular destinations in Europe.

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las palmas

tenefire 2



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What to do: Holidays, cultural visits, shopping, parties and more activities to do in Spain


Tours and guides: Here you will find some ideas to planning your stance in Spain. In there, we talk about what to see in specific cities or regions, but also we suggest where you can go and what you can visit depending on what are you looking for.

Streets and monuments: If you enjoy visiting squares, parks, avenues, skyscrapers… this is your list of destinations.

Emblematic buildings: Museums, Cathedrals, Markets and other similar public places.

Beach and mountain: The Islands, Barcelona, Salou, Benidorm, Ibiza, Andalusia, The Pyrenees and other places to rest.

Gastronomy: A list with the most popular areas to eat, drink and have a nice time.

Nigthlife Pubs, discotheques and nightlife zones.

Celebrations and festivals: Some towns are popular for its celebrations and festivals (Las Fallas in Valencia, San Fermines in Pamplona, El Pilar in Zaragoza, San Isidro in Madrid). Here we will post about some of them.

Opinions and tips: Read here the recommendations of people who have been living in Spain.

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