Granja de San Ildefonso: A Royal Palace with gardens and fountains (Segovia)

granja de san ildefonso


The Royal Palace curchof San Ildefonso (popularly known as La Granja de San Ildefonso) is a magnificent palace located in San Ildefonso, a small town of Segovia. This palace is famous for its wide gardens with fountains and statues, which are visited by many tourists both in summer and winter.

San Ildefonso is 90km away from Madrid. To arrive there you can go from Madrid by car (1 hour trip aprox.) or from Segovia, which is really close to the palace.


The Royal Palace of San Ildefonso

The Royal Palace of San Ildefonso is a group of buildings that includes the palace, a church, a square and some other buildings. It is surrounded by the town at the entrance of the palace and, behind it, it is placed the gardens with its fountains and statues.

palace 2Talking about its history, the palace was rebuilt in 1700 by Carlos II, after several fires. Some years later, in 1724, Felipe V lived there twenty years of his life and improved a lot the gardens and fountains, which currently are the most famous part of San Ildefonso.

Visiting the interior of the palace can cost between 4 and 9€. However, to visit the gardens and its fountains is free. (Many people go there only to see the gardens).


The gardens

gardensThe gardens of San Ildefonso have an XVIII style and were designed by René Carlier. They consist on a combination of forest areas with paths, statues and fountains inside them.

To visit the gardens is free, and it is a perfect place to stay one day resting, taking photons and enjoying the nature.



The fountains

fountain statueInside the gardens, the most popular elements are the fountains. They are placed all in the gardens and some of them have marble statues of gods as Apollo and Neptune. Also, you will find some waterfalls, bridges and many more.

In total, there are eleven fountains: Carrera de caballos (Horse race) , La cascada (The cascade), El canastillo (The basket), Las ocho calles (The eight streets), Las ranas (the frogs), Los baños de Diana (Diana baths), La Fama (The fame), La selva (The forest), Los dragones (The dragons) and Las Tazas (The cups).

statue fountain san ildefonso


San Ildefonso: The town

restaurants and townSan Ildefonso Town is by the entrance of the palace. Although is a small town, is the perfect place to park your car, to rest, to take a coffee and eat the traditional food of Segovia in its restaurants.




Touristic map of El sitio de San Ildefonso: Royal Palace, gardens and fountains

Here you have a map of the palace and the gardens with its fountains and statues.



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