La Latina Neighborhood: Eating and drinking in the center of Madrid

la latina terrace

metro la latinaLa Latina is a central neighborhood of Madrid whose bars and restaurants are highly popular among the citizens.

In Madrid, many people is used to going to La Latina at the weekends (especially on Sundays, at midday and afternoon), and visit its bars to eat “tapas” (small dishes of food) and “cañas” (glasses of beer) or wine.

To arrive at La Latina in Madrid, you can go by metro (La Latina Metro Station, using the Line 5) or walk from Puerta del Sol or Plaza Mayor (10mins approx.).

Bars, restaurants and terraces in La Latina

la latina restaurantAt the weekends, La Latina is always full of people, especially on Sunday at lunch and dinner time, but also in the afternoon and night.

Once you arrived at the metro station, you will see premises everywhere. If you want to eat, our recommendation is to go to “Cava alta” and “Cava baja” streets and check the offers of the different bars and restaurants of the area.

On Cava alta and Cava baja streets, there are a lot of premium places, and also much cheaper ones which offer original and good quality food (from my point of view they are the best places). Finally, some restaurants are cheap but the quality of the food is not the best, so we recommend to look for the best places which could offer a good price.


Other interesting places in the neighborhood: Cebada Market and La Latina theater

Apart mercado de la cebada la laina metro stationfrom the restaurants, La Latina is also known for its Theater (Teatro de La Latina) and its Market, called Mercado de La Cebada. Both places are visible from the exits of the Metro Station. Read also our post about What to see in Madrid.



Lavapiés: Another zone to eat, near La Latina

Iflavapies indian restaurant you have already been in La Latina and you want to try something new to eat, Lavapies Neighborhood is placed really close to La Latina and there you will find many more restaurants. When we talk about restaurants, Lavapiés is divided in two zones: On one hand, in Lavapiés Street there are plenty of places to eat ethnic food (Indian, Turkish, Libyan, African…). On the other hand, in the surroundings of Lavapiés Metro Station you will have the opportunity to eat tapas and Spanish food.


More places to visit in Madrid, near La Latina

El Rastro: (Only on Sundays) In this street market you will find clothes, books, art, antiquities and any other kind of objects. The market is placed at Ribera de Curtidores Street and its surroundings all Sundays from 9:00 to 14:00 h. Puerta del Sol: This emblematic place is one of the reference points more used in the city, and many citizens are used to dating with other people from this point. – Plaza Mayor: In this traditional square there is a Felipe II statue rounded of white ancient buildings. The young people in the city are used to going to this square to eat squid sandwiches. Moreover, some politicians told once about taking a coffee in there… but from our point of view, there are a lot of better -and cheaper- places in Madrid places to do it). San Miguel Market: Inside of this famous market you will find an incredibly variety of food: juices, “tapas”, “croquetas”, hamburgers, fruit, fish… all of this of the highest quality. San Anton Market: This market is placed in the center of Chueca Neighborhood, It is focused in “tapas” and premium food to eat in its stalls and restaurants.

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