Mercado de San Antón / San Anton Market (Madrid)

san anton market

San Anton Market (Mercado de San Antón) is a food market located in Chueca Neighborhood, in the center of Madrid City. The market is focused on “tapas” (small dishes of food) and premium food to eat in its stalls and restaurants.

The Market is placed inside a four-levels building, it’s open seven days a week (as San Miguel Market), and it is full of people all evenings and nights, above all from Thursdays to Sundays.

San Antón Market is placed at Augusto Figueroa Street, number 24. To arrive there, you can go by Metro, using Line 5 to Chueca Metro Station. It’s also close to Gran Via Metro Station (Lines 1 and 5).


The history of the market

The current market is located at a modern building placed in the cross between Augusto Figueroa Street and Libertad Street ,in Chueca Neighborhood. This building was inaugurated in 2002 and has a high architectonic value.

However, before the new building was constructed, the market was in an older building located in the same place since 1945. Before that year, the market already existed: Since the 19th century to 1945, the stalls were in the street.


What you will find in San Anton Market

The market is in a four-levels building. In each level there is placed a different kind of stalls:

tapas san anton market chueca– The first level is focused in positions takeaway.

– In the second floor you will find stalls with tapas and drinks to eat in the terraces of the market. As example, you can find premium hamburgers, meat, sushi, fish, fruit or any kind of Spanish tapas. To drink, people frequently ask for wine, beer or cider.

– In the third floor there is a restaurant with a balcony from where it can be seen the sky of Madrid. Surely, it’s a good place to have a dinner or just have a lunch and drink something. The balcony is air-conditioned so you can visit it in all seasons of the year.

– The fourth level is in the underground, where there is a supermarket.



Other zones to eat in Madrid

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La Latina Neighborhood: La Latina is a central neighborhood of Madrid whose bars and restaurants are highly popular among the citizens. On Cava alta and Cava baja streets, there are a lot of premium places, and also other much cheaper ones which offer original and good quality for a few price.

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