Getxo: Sea and beach near Bilbao


Getxo (or Guecho) is a town of 80.000 inhabitants located 30 minutes away from Bilbao city. The location of the town in the Nervion river mouth, its beaches, its maritime port and its landscape, have turned Getxo  in one of the most tourist places of the region in the last century.

To arrive at Getxo from Bilbao, get on the metro Line 1 to Neguri, Aiboa, Algorta or Bidezabal metro stations. The trip from the centre of Bilbao city to Getxo will take almost 30 minutes.


The beaches and the sea in Getxo

The sea beach and grassand the beaches are the tourist main attraction of Getxo. Its beaches (Las Arenas, Ereaga, Arrigunaga, Azkorri-Gorrondatxe and Barinatxe) can be classified in two groups: The ones which are closest to the open sea –with rougher sea- and the beaches protected by the port, -with calmer sea-.

To arrive at the beaches, get off at Bidezabal metro station or at Algorta.

beach getxo


The maritime port 

The maritimeguecho port port of Getxo has areas for any kind of boats, also cruisers.

Besides, there is a maritime club where people can sail, go canoing, etc..

panoramic port at getxo


Commercial zones and gastronomy

The commercial algortazones of Getxo are in Algorta neighborhood and the surroundings of the maritime port.

As we have told in other posts, remember that the Basque Country is one of the regions of Spain with best culinary culture. There are many bars and restaurants everywhere with a lot of variety food, above all “tapas” and fish.

Portugalete, Santurtzi and the estuary of the Nervion River

At the other bank of the estuary of the Nervion River, there are placed the towns Portugalete and Santurtzi. These towns are less tourist than Getxo, with more industrial areas. Anyway, both of them have also their attraction for people who want to discover new places.

There is only one way to cross the estuary from Getxo-Leioa to Portugalete-Santurtzi: the Vizcaya Bridge (Puente colgante de Vizcaya), which was declared World Heritage in 2006 by UNESCO.  This suspension bridge was constructed between 1887 and 1893 and was the first of its class in the world.


Metro Map of Bilbao and Getxo

Below you have a metro and train map of Bilbao, Getxo (Guecho), Leioa (Lejona), Portugalete, Santurtzi (Santurce) and its surroundings:

bilbao metro map

More places to visit near Getxo

The Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao): Museo Guggenheim is a contemporary art center placed in Bilbao, in the Basque Country. The museum was inaugurated in 1997 and since then, it has become one of the most popular museums of Spain and Europe because its original and transgressive design.

The Old Town of Bilbao:  This is a zone of ancient buildings, narrow streets and squares in the centre of Bilbao. This zone is popular among citizens and tourists because its gastronomy, atmosphere and for its churches and traditional buildings.

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