What to buy in Spain? Food and drinks from Spain


If we talk about shopping… Spain offers many interesting things to buy for tourists and people visiting this beautiful country.

Let’s start from food!
If you are in Spain, you have to buy at least some of the things which are on the list:

Jamón serrano, DSC_0428chorizo, salchichón: all of them are typical Spanish hams used to prepare tapas or bocadillos, the price of really good jamón can be very high (100 euros for 1kg), but it’s really worth trying. These cured meats have a very specific taste, so if you don’t like trying new things or you are not sure if you like it or not the best option will be to go to some coffe house or pub and ask fot the “bocadillo de jamón”. I’ll try it and decide if you enjoy it or not.

Vine or sangria: Germany is famous from its beer, Poland from vodka and Spain from wine. Spanish wines are the best in the world and much cheaper than the French ones so that gives them a lot of advantage. La Rioja is the most popular region of the country where the vine is maid. Of course, the best vine is the red one, but you can also try other types of it. Another Spanish invent which is woth trying is sangria or summer wine (tinto de verano). Both of them are sweet red wine made form a lot of fruits. As I said they are very sweet but taste deliciuos, especially with a lot of ice! They are grat alternative for the beer which you may drink during hot Spanish summer.  One bottle of sangria usualy costs around 1,5-2 euros. The prices of the vine are very diversified. You can buy many vines for 3 euros and there are considered to be a good ones, but the shops are full of many different types, so you can choose whatever you like.

Turrón:turron is a traditional Spanish sweet for Christmas. Christmas in Spain begin after the 1st of November, at least in shops and malls. Turrón is a tradional things which may remind you chocolate, but only from inside. The  two tipical types come form two cites near Valencia, in the east of country: Alicante and Jijona (Xixona in catalan language). Both of them are made from almonds, but the one from Alicante consist of the whole almonds while this from Jijona from the grinded ones. To prepare them, apart form almonds you need honey, eggwhites and nuts oil. The tradional recepies are supervised by a special comission which takes care of the quaility of turrons.

Fruits: SpainDSC_0423 is an Europe’s door to exotic fruits! Because of it situation you can find a wide range of fruits and vegetables in this country, which are often much cheaper and taste better. All of fruits shop are very colorfull and can offer you many things: khaki, chirymoya or papaya.

Cheese: even thought the cottage chceese is not a Spanish delicacy, the one which is made from goat’s milk is one of the bests. You can’t leave Spain without trying it. You also have to try the typical cheese, made form cow’s milk, becuse they are very tasty. As you can see, you can call France the country of cheese, but Spain has also many things to offer in this area.

After eating well, you can finally go and visit some clothes shops!

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