La Alhambra / The Alhambra complex of buildings and palaces (Granada)

la alhambra

It is said that “There is nothing sadder in the world than being blind in Granada,” because one blind cannot see the wonderful sunset staring at the Alhambra from the Albaicín, and enjoy its extraordinary architecture, therefore, a must for tourists who visit Spain is to spend several days in Granada and visit The Alhambra which is one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

The Alhambra palaciois situated on the top of the Sabika hill in a strategic site, where there was a Roman city before the Arabs began constructing new buildings in the 9th century, and added more buildings in the followings centuries. However, the most beautiful buildings were constructed between the 13th and the 15th centuries by the Muslims. This historical and Muslim monument was a fortified town with many towers, a some incredible palaces, and of course, a lot of beautiful gardens. Moreover, the king Charles I of Spain and V of Germany (1500-1558) ordered to build other palace inside of the Alhambra in the 16th century. The Alhambra was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984.

One of the most amazing palace in the Alhambra is the Lions Palace built between 1362 and 1391 ( nasrid art), where visitors will be impressed by the great richness and variety of its decoration, such as, the Hall of the Two Sisters whose spellbinding vault is worth a visit, the Courtyard of the Lions with its famous fountain rounded by 12 lions, it is a noteworthy symbol of the Alhambra, the Hall of the Abencerrajes other stunning vault of nasrid art, the Hall of the Kings an interesting place to admire the finest nasrid architecture, among others.

The Palace de Comares, fuenteother palace in the Alhambra, which has the most beautiful Myrtles o Comares courtyard with its clear water mirror, the Room of the Ship, the Hall the Comares, and the Golden Room, whose woodwork ceiling is a splendid artwork, all theses places are must-see.

People interested in renaissance architecture and nasrid art should not leave without visiting the Palace of Charles V in the Alhambra and the National Museum of Spanish-Moorish Art which is on the ground floor of this palace.

If you like new challenges, there are some poems written in impressive calligraphy on the walls of Generalife, Ambrassadors, Comares Gate, in the Hall of the Two Sister, and some more.

panoramica alhambra

Do not leave without going to the Alcazaba a medieval fortress in la Alhambra. Granada has about 240,000 inhabitants. It takes more than three hours to visit the Alhambra. You can arrive at the Alhambra by car, by bus or on foot.

The queues are very long, so tourists should book the ticket in advance to avoid the wait.


Other interesting places to visit in Granada

– Generalife was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1984, this medieval palace was built in 1319 by the muslims, and has many breathtaking gardens and a lot of stunning fountains, therefore, it is worth a visit, above all in spring when the flowers are in bloom.

– Albaicín, you must not miss the medieval Muslim Albaicín neighbourhood which is placed on other hill in front of the Alhambra, you will be absolutely spellbound when you see the spectacular sight of the Alhambra and Sierra Nevada at the sunset from the Albaicín, Besides, if you like flamenco show you will find traditional dance, tapas and drink in the Albaicín neighbourhood. UNESCO declared Albaicín a World Heritage site in 1994.

– Sacromonte neighbourhood is placed on other hill. However, citizens and tourists can be seen together enjoying the neighbourhood life. Obviously, this is the most popular place for tourists in Granada. When you visit Sacromonte neighbourhood don’t miss out its fork dance and you do not hesitate to join them for a dance. Moreover, you will like a drink and taste the delightful tapas while watching the famous zambras gitanas and pure flamenco (folk dance and folk song) it is an experience unique at the Sacromonte neighbourhood.


– If you like skiing, Sierra Nevada is one of the most popular ski resort in Spain with its powerful new Snow Park for freestyle skiers. By the way, it is only 27 km from Granada city.

– Other place worth a visit is the Royal Chapel of Granada (next to the Cathedral ) where are the mausoleums of Isabel of Castilla ( 1451-1504) and Fernando of Aragon (1452-1516) ( the Catholic Monarchs) who ordered its construction, and where their graves remain. In addition, Granada was conquered on 2nd January 1492 by the Catholic Monarchs and the muslims were definitely expelled from Spain.


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