Lonja de la Seda / The Silk Market (Valencia)

lonja seda valencia
The Lonja de la seda (Silk Market) in Valencia, also known as Lonja de los Mercaderes or Casa de Contratacion is one of the most emblematic Gothic buildings in Spain.  In fact, the Lonja is the masterpiece of the renowned architect Pere Compte who began its construction in the last quarter of the 15th century in order to cover the necessities of the silk business in the region . Moreover, the Lonja of the Silk was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1996. Evidently, it is a must-see place.


Visiting La Lonja de Valencia

The Architectural ensemble in the finest late Gothic style has an outstanding main large Sala de Contratacion (contract hall) of three naves with 24 spiral columns of 18 meters in height every one; The Tower with its impressive winding stone staircase of 110 steps, on the first floor of this tower there was a prison and under this prison there was a Chapel; The Consulado where is the Sala Dorada (The Golden Room / Cambra Daurada) or the main hall with its beautiful techumbre (ceiling) of golden paintings from 14th century and the orange garden among others. The main facade of this Gothic building with its exceptional decoration, its stunning doorway and some of the finest windows can be seen at the Market square.

Nowadays, the Lonja is still been used for commercial activities in agricultural products. Besides, the cultural activities and exhibitions takes place in this remarkable building which is the seat of Cultural Academy of Valencia. Do not miss out on the Lonja de la Seda.

Situated in the heart of the casco historico (historic neighborhood) of Valencia, at the Market square the Lonja has its impressive main facade. The ticket to visit La Lonja costs between 1 and 2 euros, although on Sunday, on Saturday and bank-holidays are free. The best way of visiting the historic neighborhood of Valencia is on foot.



Other interesting buildings in the historic neighborhood of Valencia

The Cathedral , which was began in 1268 and finished in the 18 th century is another emblematic place, is a must see place and visitors should not miss out.

The imposing Mercado Central (The Main Large Market / Mercat Central), which was built between 1914 and 1928, in modernism style, is one of the largest market in Europe measuring more than 8000 square meters and with more than 900 market stalls. It is located at the Market square . It is worth visiting.


More places to visit in Valencia

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